Install New Plumbing for Your Remodel

Install New Plumbing for Your Remodel

Hire the experts at Solimine Contracting in the Danbury or Bethel, CT area

Are you about to begin kitchen renovations? Swapping out fixtures in your master bathroom? It's crucial you hire a contractor who understands the ins and outs of your plumbing system. Solimine Contracting LLC is fully licensed and insured to handle your renovation project from start to finish. We've been proudly serving the Danbury & Bethel, CT communites for more than 24 years.

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Plumbing adjustments for any renovation

If there's any plumbing work involved in your project, amateur work can lead to leaks and expensive repairs down the road. When you work with Solimine Contracting, you'll have an experienced, detail-focused team on your side.

As part of your bathroom or kitchen renovations, we can...

  • Add plumbing lines to accommodate new features
  • Remove plumbing systems you don't need anymore
  • Reroute existing plumbing lines to fit layout changes

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